Features for Map and Directions App

This application can do more than simply show a map or directions. Below is a list of most of the features.
  • map and directions are displayed on your web page
  • print the map and directions right from your web page
  • easy setup, just copy and paste onto your web page and enter your address and Google API
  • interactive map from Google - so you know it's reliable
  • displays a marker not just on your street location but also on your building (if you enter the latitude longitude of the building)
  • administration mode that allows you to get the latitude longitude of your building
  • CSS styling for direction's form input area and map
  • click any of the driving direction steps to automatically zoom in with details
  • map can be viewed in map, satellite, or hybrid view
  • we'll install the program if you need for an extra fee, contact us for more info
  • tested as working on IE6, IE7, FireFox, Safari

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